2016 SEMA Show: Top 5 Tuner Cars

2016 SEMA Show: Top 5 Tuner Cars

SEMA, the Speciality Equipment Market Association, organises a car show every year for the tuners and custom car builders who use all these speciality equipment to make their cars unique. More often than not, you have some outrageous creations. So, we bring to you some custom tuned machines that have been unveiled on Day 1 of SEMA 2016 that run much more horsepower under the hood than what the manufacturer had given.

Toyota Land Speed Cruiser

This is what happens when dad buys you a Land Cruiser when you wanted a GT86 and you love stance. Well not exactly, because this two tonner is capable of shooting to a top speed of 220mph (355kmph) and Toyota calls it the Land Speed Cruiser. With close to two thousand horses galloping out of the turbo V8, it has been lowered with added aero props to keep it from flying away.

Hyundai Veloster Gurnade

Gurnade Inc has taken the Hyundai Veloster to another level. The Veloster has been a tuner favourite last year as well. Gurnade has built this Veloster to be ‘race ready’. It gets a bigger intercooler, cold-air intake and an ECU remapped to bump up the engine output. It also gets sticky tyres and a super agile suspension setup to clock great lap times.

Ford Focus ST Cinemotive

The Ford Focus is probably the sportiest hatch across the globe with only the Honda Type-R being the nemesis. The Focus RS built by Cinemotive is a sleeper. Only when you look at the large wheels and the stance is when you get to know that it is special. The 1.6-litre EcoBoost gets a MR300 upgrade, pimped intercooler and piping, coil-over suspension and yes a six-speed manual.

Hyundai Santa Fe Rockstar

Rockstar loves it big and mad and this time it is the Santa Fe that gets a large dose of steroids. The soft-roader SUV has transformed itself into a marauding truck with tyres that could scrape off boulders and the ground clearance to drive over your Lamborghini. It gets a 3.3-litre tricked out V6 under the hood to make this mammoth move around.

Jeep CJ 66

This is the most un-SEMA build and we love it, especially the 1966 Jeep CJ body shell. The classic lines of the retro-mod hide some serious brawn underneath. The 5.7-litre big-block Hemi V8 powers the Dana 4×4 axles through a six-speed manual. It gets on-board tyre inflation along with front and rear diff-locks, rock-sliders and the Dodge Viper’s racing buckets. Drool. And more drool.