Amidst protests, IIT switches Veda ‘workshop’ to lectures

The Indian Institute of Technology (Bombay) organised a workshop on ‘Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems’.

Amidst protests, IIT switch Veda ‘workshop’ to lectures

Amidst protests, IIT switch Veda workshop to lectures

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In order to educate students on the four Vedas that were “acquired from God,” a workshop on ‘Ancient Indian Knowledge Systems’ was held at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B).

As per reports, due to lack of requisite permissions, the programme/workshop has to be converted in to a lecture series following opposition from students and faculty members.

The workshop began on December 3 and will continue till December 9.

In a recent Indian Express report, IIT-B Director Devang Khakhar said that he was not aware of any such event.

Earlier, the poster that was put up for the promotion of the even the event said:

“For examining and carrying out experiments of the fundamental principles present in the Vedas, sages devised research methodology in the form of six Upangas or Darshans (viz. Mimansa, Vaisheshika, Nyaya, Yoga, Sankhya & Vedanta). Vedas were acquired from the God and the knowledge contained in it is for the welfare of the humankind.”

Letter sent to IIT-B Director Devang Khakhar stated:

“There was no clarity on who were the organisers of the event. Only six contact persons have been mentioned in the programme flyer, out of which four are not part of IIT-B. It is only reasonable, for purposes of accountability and transparency, to demand that the details of the organisers are made public.”

Meanwhile, a student Kranthi of IIT-B, who is one of the signatories in the letter, said that some organisations from outside the institute were trying to utilise the space on campus for their workshops.

Further, students mentioned that, “We would like to be assured that the institution is ‘in the know’ about this workshop in the campus and all the appropriate procedures were adhered to in allowing this event.”