Android N call revealed: it’s Nougat

android nougat

After months of calling the next release simply “Android N,” Google has eventually settled on a call.

The organization revealed Nougat on its Snapchat channel and Twitter, which covered uncovering the lateststatue to grace the Google campus.

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The time has arrived! #AndroidNReveal
nine:32 PM – 30 Jun 2016
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Google names its Android variations after what it calls “sweet treats.” although the first two releases had no corresponding call, the early 1.5 release changed into named “Cupcake.” From there, every new version of Android takes on the call of a few kind of sweet meals, every name beginning with the following letter of the alphabet. After Cupcake came Donut, then Eclair, all the manner through corporatebacked “KitKat” (modelfour.4), and final 12 months’s “Marshmallow” (6.0).

android model history

Android Nougat is part of a lengthy, delicious-sounding model records.
what is Nougat, anyway?
Google hasn’t designated the professional version wide variety yet, however maximum of its Android Nphotos and mockups display a time of 7:00 at the clock, that’s a clear indication that it will likely be Google did the identical with the clock on its mockups of preceding Android releases. Nougat is presently in beta and expected for launch this fall. what’s nougat, precisely?

It’s a part of a circle of relatives of confections which can be made with roasted nuts, sugar, honey, whipped egg whites, and typically chopped, candied fruit. It’s especially famous in India, the birthplace of Google CEO Sundar Pichai. right here in the U.S., it’s typically one of the elements in a larger sweet bar (like Snickers or 3 Musketeers).

Any guesses on what Android O will be?

study all approximately it
wondering what is coming in your phones after they get the Android Nougat replace? you can start with this gallery showing a number of the modern day features in the preview.

Then, stop via this list of features from Google I/O; it offers you a good idea of what to expect out of Google’s present day OS.

an excessive amount of for you? How approximately a quick tour of our 5 favorite features.

want to strive it out yourself on your Nexus smartphone or tablet? it is still in beta, and there may be sometroubles, however you can without problems install the general public beta.