Apple iPhone 7 Plus disassembled on video

A day before the iPhone 7 Plus launches, someone already took apart one unit to see what’s inside. Most interesting, of course, is what filled the hole left over from the 3.5mm headphone jack.

By the looks of it, the square module of the new Force Touch module for the non-clickable Home button. There doesn’t seem to be a second speaker on the bottom, just the usual one (plus the earpiece for stereo sound).

Apple iPhone 7 Plus disassembled on video

The battery is secured with Apple’s easy to remove (but not quite DIY-friendly) adhesive. The battery has 10.22Wh capacity, slightly down from the 10.45Wh of the iPhone 6s Plus. Apple still promises improved battery life, though that’s achieved through optimized power use, not increased capacity.

The Apple iPhone 7 Plus is also the first of its family to debut a dual camera. Both modules seem identical and come off as a single unit, easy to replace