Bihar school teachers to get salaries within 10 days itself

Bihar school teachers to get salaries within 10 days only

In order to give away pending salaries to teachers, the Bihar state government has recently announced to credit the payment of high school and class 12 teachers within 10 days.

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This quick move from the government has come after BJP members put forewarned a question demanding for regular payment of salary to school teachers

Key notes of the issue:

  • The state government has also informed the Bihar Legislative Council about the payment of salaries
  • While announcing this, the state government also announced that constant efforts are being taken to regularise the payment
  • While commenting on this issue, the state education minister Ashok Choudhary said, “The state government shares its concern with opposition on the issue. We are working as how to regularise the payment… Payment of salary to the teachers will be made within 10 days”
  • The issue was raised in the house by BJP members Nawal Kishore Choudhary along with his party members Sushil Kumar Modi, Mangal Pandey, Sanjay Mayukh, Rajnish Kumar and others
  • While raising voice, the opposition members said for the past six months teachers have not receive the salaries
  • Not only this, some of the members insisting on the minister’s reply.  On this, the presiding officer Haroon Rashid asked the minister to reply.

The government was streamlining the process in order to regularise the salary payment to school teachers and it expects to do it in a month or two, Ashok Choudhary added.

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Moreover, he said the government takes work from teachers but failed to give them the salary for past six months.

Further, replying to Choudhary’s private member bill that is expected to bring transparency for quality education in the system, the education minister said the government was committed to bring transparency in the Bihar School Examination Board, as everything would be made online in the Board on the CBSE pattern.

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This process will take three to four months to put in the mechanism to bring transparency in the board, Choudhary added.