You can soon play your PS4 on an Apple Mac

You’ll soon be able to play your PlayStation 4 games on your Windows PC and Apple Mac.

Sony is releasing an update that will allow its “Remote Play” feature to be compatible with rival devices, the company announced on its official blog Tuesday.

Remote Play allows a user to mirror what they are playing on the PlayStation 4 onto Sony’s PS Vita handheld device and its Xperia line of phones. However, this is the first time Sony is opening this feature up to Apple and Windows.

The PlayStation 4 3.50 update kicks off tomorrow for users who signed up for the beta download. But the Remote Play feature for Windows PC and Apple Mac users won’t be available to test in beta, but Sony said “you can look forward to it soon”.

Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been hugely successful for the company with an install base of around 36 million.

But Sony’s other devices have not done as well. Its smartphone business has been struggling. It recently cut its full-year smartphone sales forecast for the fiscal year 2015 but in the three months ending December 31, operating profit in the division rose 133 percent, according to official results. The earnings reflect Sony’s strategy of shifting away from focusing on unit sales to profitability.

Without the scale in smartphones and tablets, the success of the remote play feature could be hindered. The Japanese electronics giant realizes that many people will own PlayStation 4 consoles, but not a corresponding Sony device to access the remote play feature. That’s why it is now opening up the service to the PC and Mac.
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