CBSE Class 10 board exams may return in 2018: Discussion to be held today

CBSE Class 10 Board Exams

After making Class 10 boards optional in 2010, CBSE may reintroduce them from 2018. HRD Minister Prakash Javedekar will discuss the matter with the education ministers of states and central minsters today, October 25.

Speaking to India Today Education, Ruchika Chhabra, Counsellor from Ramjas School said, “It’s a good start again for education system schools children. Mass failure will reduced in class 9. It is a hope that children will start taking studies more seriously. Their attitude and seriousness will bring a drastic changes in positive way. I wish good luck to all.”

Whereas Gautam Narang, a teacher of coaching institute said, “CCE pattern is the worst pattern as it pressurises students. Class 10 boards are the best way to check a person’s capability as it is completely anonymous. It also helps the children to get prepared or you can say a practice for their class 12 boards. I have seen those students who did not give class 10 boards were too scared to give boards in 12 which almost lead them to a nervous breakdown. All in all having class 10 boards is the best thing our education ministry can gift us back this new year.”

Here are some reasons for the reintroduction of Class 10 board exams:

  • Number of drop-outs has reduced
  • Scrapping away the exam affected the academic standards

Introducing no-detention policy:

As per the reports, the education minster will also announce ‘no-detention’ policy, wherein students will be promoted to class 5.

Thereafter, the states can devise this alternative till class 8. If a student fails, the opportunity of a ‘re-test’ should be given to them.

Also, the Board has decided to discontinue the re-evaluation of answer scripts. To read more on this, click here.

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