Chevrolet hosts ‘Nationwide Complete Care Service Camp’ today

Chevrolet hosts

Chevrolet has organised a ‘Nationwide Complete Care Service Camp’ for their customers from November 10 to 14. Chevrolet car owners can get their cars checked at the nearest service centre free of cost.

This campaign will be conducted at all Chevrolet workshops across India. The consumers will be offered with free car health check-up and the service guys will recommend if parts need to be changed or consumables need to be replaced. This is to ensure that their customers do not face any issues till the next service.

Customers are also being provided with a free top wash and some discounts on their services. A 20 per cent discount on oil and lubricants, value added services, accessories, extended warranty and roadside assistance is being provided. If you want to exchange your old car, you can benefit from an exchange bonus and a free car evaluation.

Such camps from automakers are a good initiative to strengthen their customer interface in our country. Firstly, they help a car owner to take care of their vehicle and maintain it in a better way. Secondly, the company gets an opportunity to keep their consumers engaged and delighted through such offers and discounts.

Nationwide Complete Care Service Camp