Commercial Uses For GPS Tracking And Fleet Management Systems

Global Positioning Systems or GPS have been commercially available for over a decade now and are increasingly being installed into a wide range of personalised products, from mobile phones to watches. The most popular use they have been put to in the industrial world is as GPS tracking devices within vehicles but their ability to pinpoint locations is also proving to be a great boon for advertising and promotion of businesses.

There are many GPS tracking products available on the market and the control, tracking and organisation of fleet vehicles has been made simpler with the addition of GPS vehicle tracking. Monitoring of a car, lorry or goods trailers whereabouts can have many useful commercial applications.

1. Anti-theft device that aids the recovery and locating of stolen automobiles and property.

2. GPS is an essential aid with vehicle dispatch for taxis, rescue service vehicles or courier and delivery companies.

3. Optimising delivery rounds to ensure best routes possible are used.

4. Locating the whereabouts of fleet vehicles whilst they are on the road.

5. Real time monitoring of car or lorry progress.

6. Ideal for finding pickup and delivery locations.

7. Navigation and route finding.

8. Fleet vehicle a DMS dealer track management system.

9. Motion detection to prevent theft.

Onboard vehicle GPS systems also provide drivers with a number of useful services, from satellite navigation, driver security to service location, therefore making delivery tasks simpler. The ability to co-ordinate delivery timetables more effective and keeping track of driver’s location and mileage while they are on the road makes the running and organising of a company that is reliant on vehicles more efficient.

A vehicle GPS tracking device is useful for security, Vehicles can be easily traced if they are stolen and a GPS tracking device is fitted to the vehicle it can also act as an effective anti-theft device and alarm. Any movement or unauthorised access to the vehicle can trigger an alarm and inform the owner of the attempted theft.

In these financial sensitive times the effective control and management of fleet vehicles will save money. With greater monitoring of performance and more efficient allocation and use of resources, will result in substantial money savings on petrol and running costs, while insurance costs are likely to be considerably reduced too. This makes the installation of GPS in company vehicles a commonsense choice.

They are also a great help with directing customers to restaurants and hotels or in the case of estate and tourism associations, showing people the exact location of the house or landmark is far simpler when they are given its GPS co-ordinates.

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