Edu-bike Africa is a practical and inspiring educational programme which has been developed around the theme of the bicycle. It focuses on assisting Education Africa’s partner schools in their outreach programmes, as well as the District Departments of Education.

Edu-bike Africa encourages both educators and their learners to explore the world of learning together. Using a workshop approach with an outcomes-based focus to promote entrepreneurial skills, it offers them a series of 30 prepared lessons (of 35 minutes each) developed around the topic of bicycles.

The programme is fun, dynamic and useful, and teaches learners about making money, travel, health and much more.

The lessons are all language-based in that they require verbal interaction, comprehension and a rich variety of skills. Mathematical calculations, measurement and problem-solving activities will also encourage learners to work accurately on tasks which are exciting and relevant.

The Edu-bike Africa learner books have been designed for the facilitator (the educator) to guide and work along with the learners. They continually refer to the facilitator’s guide, which contains explanations of the aims of lessons, answers to all questions and activities, as well as guides for enabling the facilitator to assess the lesson outcomes and the performance of his/her learners.


Seven of the eight learning areas are covered, these being:

  • Language, literacy and communication;
  • Mathematical literacy, mathematics and mathematical sciences
  • Human and social sciences;
  • Natural sciences;
  • Technology;
  • Economic and management sciences; and
  • Life orientation.


Education Africa partner schools and District Departments of Education have been involved in providing back-up to the schools in which they implement the programme. Our partner schools, in turn, provide a written report and feedback on the programme to enable Education Africa to assess its success. Feedback received to date has revealed that the programme is greatly needed and wanted, and resource materials are having a huge impact on both educators and learners.

The demand for Edu-bike Africa is overwhelming: often far more educators than expected arrive at workshops. This testifies to the popularity and success of the project

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