Facebook? Snapchat? What’s hot on college campuses?

In CNBC’s social media on campus series, we asked students from all across the country to tell us what social media platforms are most prevalent at their school. Facebook? Snapchat? Twitter? Are students using them for purely social purposes or professional/school activities? And, are any social media platforms “dead” or just for old people? Here’s what students had to say.

Students mobile phone

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Millennials are falling “out of love” with Facebook, according to University of Southern California student Sonali Seth.

Haylee Millikan, a student at the University of Washington, says contrary to what some people think, social media isn’t a “CSI” episode waiting to happen, full of selfies and stalkers. She says a lot of good has come from it — and she, personally, has used it to transform her life.

Josh Weiss, a student at Drexel University in Philadelphia, says it’s painful to watch his parents try to use Facebook, but social media hasn’t taken a downward spiral just because an older, less “hip” generation is trying to embrace it.