Finding a used forestry truck can be a bargain.

For those in the forestry industry, the bucket truck can be as vital of a piece of equipment as a chainsaw. It is essentially a heavy duty truck with a hydraulic lift in the rear to elevate workers to higher limbs and branches. One or two works ride in a “bucket” that allows working from a standing position. Controls located on the ground and in the bucket area allow the worker to maneuver quickly and safely. Is eliminates the need to dangerously stretch or stoop and provides a firm base for balance. The bucket truck or “cherry picker” can be driven to trees to trim or cut. For even terrain, the truck comes with outrigger “feet” for stability.

One problem with a forestry truck is cost. New units can cost several hundred thousand dollars. This price may put a new forestry truck out of the price range of many smaller firms.

Fortunately, there are dealers who offer well maintained used bucket trucks for resale. Some of the better dealers seek out retired bucket trucks from utility companies. Large utility companies often retire fleets after a number of years, regardless of whether a forestry bucket truck has reached the end of its useful life. Bargains can be had for a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle.

When selecting a dealer, it is important to learn how is makes its purchases and what type of inspection went into the vehicle before offering is for resale. A bucket truck is a little more complicated than other construction equipment. Not only does is have the standard vehicle components to inspect, the hydraulic system must be thoroughly check and repaired as needed.

Buyers should find a dealer with experience and training in both the mechanical aspects of the forestry bucket truck but the hydraulic mechanisms. A faulty hydraulic system can not only lead to downtime, but it is a safety hazard. Considering the limited market and the size of the investment, a buyer should not be scared off from traveling a distance to purchase a good deal. Bucket trucks are legal to be driven on the highway and a one time trip to transport it back to the buyer’s place of business is a small investment. Some dealers offer to pay for initial transportation for the buyer to inspect what they have for sale.

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