‘Insanely fast’, says Xiaomi Mi 5’s first video teaser

Less than a week after sharing some sample pictures captured with the Mi 5’s camera, Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra has released the first video teaser for the company’s upcoming flagship smartphone.

Contrary to what one would expect, the Mi 5 doesn’t make even a single appearance in the video, which is aimed at trumpeting the device’s speed. Instead, the teaser features record holder Xiao Lin Cen, who can skip rope 1096 times in 3 minutes. “Forget everything you know about speed, #Mi5 will show you the meaning of fast in just 7 days now,” Barra says in the post accompanying the teaser.

As you might already know, the handset – which is powered by SD820 and has already been the subject of a bucket load of rumors and leaks until now – is set to be officially unveiled on February 24.

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