Mercedes-AMG sketches EV plans

Mercedes-AMG sketches EV plans

Mercedes-AMG’s boss, Tobias Moers, has confirmed plans to introduce an all-electric supercar in the future and focus towards electrified models.

“There will be an AMG pure electric car but I don’t know when. Because otherwise AMG will disappear as a brand,” he said. Though it is too early to reveal any details regarding the vehicles, it will be a successor for the only pure electric AMG to date, the SLS Electric Drive. The SLS Electric Drive has four electric motors, one for each wheel, and boasts of a total power of 740bhp and a mind blowing 999Nm of torque.

“That car [SLS Electric Drive] is still unbeaten on the Nurburgring, it’s still the record holder for electric driven production cars, and it was six years ago when we engineered that car,” Moers added. However, in the near future, the details of the Mercedes-AMG hybrid hypercar is most likely to be showcased first. Moers added that it is not just going to be inspired by Formula 1 technologies, but will actually hide an F1 engine underneath!

We should have more news on AMG’s all-electric supercar in the coming months, so stay glued to Carwale.