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Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet Picture Gallery

The G-Wagen is now being built in another avatar. While it is still an SUV par excellence, the 4×4², it also takes us half a century back with its landaulet styling. Yes, it is the G650 Landaulet, the one that has a canvas roof that folds back. It is natural then, for Mercedes to hark back to Maybach because it was Maybach who epitomised Landaulet back then. And we are happy that an icon like the G-Wagon is the first ever SUV to get the Maybach badge. So, we take you on a tour of the Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet, albeit through a series of pictures.

Making its first plunge into the SUV segment, the G650 Landaulet is Maybach’s fifth vehicle to be produced after the S-Class Saloon, the Pullman and Cabriolet and the Mercedes-Maybach Vision 6 show car. This G650 Landaulet will be the last hurrah of the current generation G-Class until a new generation arrives.

To make the G650 Landaulet an exclusive car, similar to the S650 Cabriolet Maybach which is limited to 300 units, Mercedes-Maybach will only produce 99 units of the G650 Landaulet. With the G650, Mercedes-Maybach proposes to bring a unique blend of a luxurious chauffeur-driven saloon and an off-roader together in a single vehicle.

In a proper Landaulet fashion, the driver and front passenger are accommodated under a closed roof, while the rear passenger cabin gets a separate electrically retractable soft top. The top can be bought down at the press of a button to allow a lavish open top motoring. The manufacturer calls the passenger space as the “G cockpit”

Inside the G cockpit, the space at the back is tremendous to plonk in the S-Class’ fully-reclining electrically adjustable individual seats. There is an electrically-operated glass partition as well between the rear compartment and driver cabin in a proper limousine fashion; which can be changed from transparent to opaque at the press of a button.