Moto ‘batwing’ isn’t going away, new boot animaition for all Moto devices

“Hello Moto” was Motorola’s slogan for a long time, since around or before the time of theRAZR flip phone. This iconic slogan was also a default ringtone for many who owned Motorola Handsets. Although some might not know it, Motorola’s ‘batwing’ is one of the most iconic logos when it comes to cellphones and communications.

Since Lenovo’s acquisition of Motorola from Google, some consider Motorola to be gone, but Lenovo wants everyone to know the Moto brand will carry the legacy and iconography that the brand carried for many years. Hearing the “Hello Moto” slogan in the new boot animation below strikes a nostalgia cord for me, and surely many others.


Moto US


new. fresh. and full of all the things you love. say hello to the all-new moto. #hellomoto #differentisbetter



Moto’s USA Twitter account posted a video of the new bootup animation with the final note ending on a “Lenovo banner”. The boot animation (to me) feels like a mishmash between retro design language and popular symbols and icons. Not to mention a new voice that says “Hello Moto”. From the looks of the way Lenovo is presenting and advertising the Moto brand, it appears to have every intention of maintaining the iconic presence that Motorola had over the years.

This new startup animation will be updated on current Moto smartphones. When they first launched, the Moto Z and Z Force were missing the batwing in the animation, (granted the logo was on the back of the phone) but it looks like the logo was too iconic to leave out, they had to bring it back.

Thanks for the tip, Felipe!