New Rolls-Royce Phantom to arrive in 2018

New Rolls-Royce Phantom to arrive in 2018

Rolls-Royce have released a picture from their factory to tell us all that the eighth generation of the Phantom is on track for its 2018 debut. The new Phantom will replace the Phantom Series II, the seventh generation upgrade.

The new Phantom will feature a brand new space-frame chassis being developed to be the backbone of all Rollers in future. The aluminium space-frame chassis will help the 2.5 tonne Phantom shed some weight while not compromising on the structural rigidity of the chassis or flex. The lighter chassis will improve its dynamics and efficiency, the latter being a prerequisite for new emission norms.

Rolls-Royce may have the new Phantom only in its saloon form as the demand for the Coupe and the Drophead is not high. The British marque still has not conformed if it will continue tweaking the 6.75-litre V12 for more power and better emissions or replace it by a tuned version of the 6.6-litre V12 from the Rolls-Royce Dawn that was launched in India recently.

With the demand for the Phantom Series II going strong, Rolls-Royce has its manufacturing calendar almost full till 2017. Also, the last 50 examples each of the Phantom Coupe and the Drophead Coupe Zenith have already been booked by prospective buyers. So, if you are planning to get yourself the dream Rolls, you may have to check the RR calendar if they have a spot for you or wait a little bit more for what they call it as the ‘most luxurious Rolls-Royce ever to arrive in 2018.

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