Nintendo Switch patent suggests possible VR accessory

Nintendo is all set to release its newest hybrid gaming console, the Nintendo Switch, early next year with more details to be announced in January. A member of the NeoGAF forums has shed some light on a bunch of patent applications that were just published in Nintendo’s name. Sometimes we can see some of the planned functions of a product pass through the US Patent Office before it becomes a reality, but oftentimes, a patent might only live on as an idea, never to be realized.

Among these patents, one of the sections (between 0507 through 0516) details the functions of a head-mounted accessory. The patent’s section mentions the use of HMD (likely meaning Head Mounted Display). The text basically describes the interaction between the main console portion, and some kind of head-mounted accessory.

The information processing system may include an accessory to which the main unit 2 can be attached. An HMD accessory to be described below as an example accessory can be used as a so-called HMD (head mounted display) with the main unit 2 attached thereto.

This, by no means, confirms that Nintendo plans to launch the Switch with a VR accessory at launch, nor does it confirm that it will ever happen. It would be in Nintendo’s best interest to at least offer an alternative VR-gaming experience than the likes of Sony, or the HTC Vive. We’ll just have to wait and see.