“Please do not create obstacles for education”: Manish Sisodia to PM

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia urged the Prime Minister to refrain from creating obstacles for the Delhi government

A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised on the need for a “Garib Kalyan” agenda, Aam Admi Party enquired if BJP-ruled states would allot the maximum share of funds on education, health and employment generation in their budgets.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia urged the Prime Minister to refrain from “creating obstacles” for the Delhi government and told him to “land on the ground for few days”.

His tweet came after Modi asked BJP chief ministers to work in “mission mode” to make their states a model for execution of his government’s schemes, mostly aimed at assisting the poor, with the party forming a committee to finalise a “garib kalyan agenda”.


Manish Sisodia


दो दिन पहले ‘पढ़ाई-दवाई’ को प्राथमिकता बताने वाले मोदीजी दिल्ली में ‘पढ़ाई-दवाई’ की सुधरती व्यवस्था को क्यों ठप करना चाहते हैं?



Know what Deputy CM of Delhi has to say?

  • “Even Modiji has admitted that governance means ensuring education, health and employment. If padhai-likhai-dabai (sic) is not another rhetoric then will BJP-ruled states spend the maximum share of budgets in education and health?
  • “Will mohalla clinics and polyclinics come up in BJP-ruled states too? Will people get free treatment? I hope the PM does not create obstacles on issues related to education, health and employment in the capital,” Mr Sisodia said in a series of tweets
  • Mr. Sisodia who also holds the Education portfolio enquired whether government schools will be made better than private schools in BJP-ruled states
  • “Will there be a leash on private schools there?,” he questioned.
  • source”gsmarena”