Quick Tips to Keeping Your Repair Shop Customer Ready

It’s widely accepted that car maintenance and repair is dirty work but as a business, you want to leave patrons with a good impression of your work as well as your business. Customers know that things get dirty when their vehicle is worked on; however, when they come into a storefront or repair shop, if things are unkempt, it may reflect on their opinion of the work performed. There are a few key areas that are easily maintained and if done regularly, will ensure that when someone leaves your shop, they are satisfied with both the services and the atmosphere.

Keep Waiting Areas and Restrooms Clean

This may seem obvious, but if the storefront or waiting area is dirty and disorganized, customers may see it as a reflection of your service. Bathrooms are an essential area to clean regularly, probably more than once a day. Customers and employees alike will appreciate clean and well-stocked facilities. Keep a stash of janitorial cleaning rags and other simple cleaning tools stocked and available in case extra care of these areas in needed This will help maintain a great customer impression of your store.

Maintain Bays and Parking Lots

Customers may not often step foot in the repair bays, but it can happen when information needs to be demonstrated or explained before work is completed. Make sure that the floor is regularly cleared of debris and any hazardous spills. These will not only keep things looking nice but will reduce the chance of workplace accidents. Having handwashing stations with strong soaps available will allow workers to keep their hands clean while working with customers and will provide a better customer experience.

Schedule regular cleaning times with crew members to safeguard against any small issues growing into hefty hazards. Keeping an auto shop clean, organized, and presentable will ensure a better view of your services by your customers.

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