Star Wars now part of UK academic courses

It is part of a range of courses that are open to the general public but do not carry degree credits, BBC News reported.

Star Wars now in UK academic

Star Wars now in UK academic

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A new course for all Star Wars fans has been introduced by one of the leading universities of UK.


This course has been inducted in the curriculum to explore the deeper meanings of George Lucas’ epic sci-fi film series of  that has enthralled the audiences for decades.

To enroll into this course, students need not travel to galaxies far away; they can just take admission in the University of Glasgow, where the day-long open access course is being run.

More about the philosophy course:

  • The University of Glasgow is conducting a day-long open access course on Star Wars on May 4
  • The course is named ‘Star Wars and Philosophy: Destiny, Justice and the Metaphysics of the Force’
  • Further, this course will examine how far people can be responsible for their own actions when their destiny is governed by “the Force”

Statements from university officials:

  • “The Star Wars universe is one in which a mysterious force, the Force, governs all and directs the destiny of individuals and civilisations alike”
  • “But what does the notion that a person has a destiny – a fixed future – tell us about how free that person’s actions really are, and how morally responsible for those actions they can legitimately be held to be?” it added
  • “This day event will examine this and associated questions concerning the relationship between there being a fixed future, free will, and moral praise or blame, all against the backdrop of George Lucas’ epic tale of the triumph of good over evil in a galaxy far, far away,” the university said

According to a recent BBC report, the Philosophy teacher John Donaldson will introduce concepts of free will and moral responsibility against the backdrop of the epic space drama.

It is part of a range of courses that are open to the general public but do not carry degree credits, it reported.

Here’s what the professor said:

“It’s a way of making philosophy more accessible. It’s an unfortunate fact that philosophy tends to be hidden away in universities,” said Donaldson.

Moreover, this is not the first time that the university has come up with this course, the varsity has previously run courses exploring the philosophical questions raised by The Sopranos, The Wire and The Simpsons.