Three Reasons To Have Your Windshield Replaced As Soon As Serious Damages Appear

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Maintaining good visibility is an essential part of safe and defensive driving. There are a number of things that can compromise a driver’s visibility, but rock chips and cracks are among the most common. Relatively small blemishes can often be repaired, but when these damages are extensive, you should have your windshield replaced right away. Following are several reasons why.

Damages To Auto Glass Are Almost Always Progressive

Depending upon where they’re located, rock chips and cracks can spread quickly. The more often you drive, the faster these issues will spiral out of control. That’s because this glass is constantly being exposed to high wind forces. It’s also important to note that all glass is subject to contraction and expansive as the result of changes in temperature. Due to this fact, ignoring these damages throughout the seasons will only allow them to become more widespread.

Not only do you have to account for changes in outdoor temperatures, but you also have to account for the temperature changes that your auto glass will be subject to as the result of using the air conditioner or the heater, or parking your car in a warm garage and then taking it out into the cold. Even washing your vehicle in excessively hot or cold water can result in the spread of chips and cracks. Seeking windsheild replacement services as soon as these problems appear might allow you to take advantage of advanced windshield repair technologies instead. If the problem hasn’t advanced too far, your service provider may be able to implement a cheaper and equally effective solution.

Cracks At The Side Of Your Windshield Will Compromise Its Overall Integrity

Many drivers are surprised to discover that the structural integrity of their windshields can play a major role in determining whether or not they survive car accidents. Windshields that have long and fast-spreading cracks along their sides are more likely to shatter on impact. Given that they’re compromised of break-away safety glass, this won’t pose much of a problem if you’re wearing a safety harness and get in a fairly mild collision in which your car remains upright. During a rollover accident, however, the windshield actually supports and reinforces the overall frame of your vehicle. It can actually prevent the roof from caving in and from crushing you and your passengers. This is only true, however, when the glass is structurally intact. Thus, if you’ve been driving around with a severely damaged windshield, you’ve been putting yourself and your passengers at unnecessary risk.

You Might Get A Costly Fix-It Ticket

Anything that constitutes impaired driver’s vision could place you at risk for a costly fix-it ticket. In most areas, drivers will get a specific amount of time to resolve this infraction before any actual fines are levied. Continuing to put this issue off in any instance, however, will eventually result in penalties. Depending upon where you live and the local laws pertaining to windshield damages, you may find that paying for a replacement or for repairs is ultimately far cheaper than taking no action at all.

With rock chips and cracks in your auto glass, you’ll invariably have a much harder time paying attention to everything that’s happening on the road. You’ll also lack the added safety that a structurally intact windshield provides. Whenever these problems are severe, seeking timely attention can be the cheapest and safest decision.