Weekly poll results: Apple AirPods deflated by fan opinion

Wow, tough crowd – our readers just don’t care for Apple’s AirPods very much. Only around 10% of people voted in favor of the wireless headphones and things get only slightly better for the Apple-branded headphones if you include the wired EarPods.

It seems that the vast majority of our readers buy non-Apple. And it wasn’t a purely anti-wireless attitude either, it’s just that the AirPod form factor didn’t appeal to many. Some were worried about battery life, some about others thought that the in-box options are good enough (the iPhone 7 is bundled with wired EarPods and an Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter).

Naturally, price is a major consideration, exasperated by the possibility of losing one but and having to buy a replacement from Apple.

This wasn’t going to be an easy battle for Apple to win, audiophiles are a fickle crowd – their favorite brand of headphones is a deeply personal thing and they are not easily seduced by new technology (of course, some people swear that vinyl > FLAC).