Why You Shouldn’t Drive Without Car Insurance

4 reasons why you shouldn't drive without car insurance | King Price

Money is tight everywhere and when you’re on a budget you need to save every penny you can. One place you never want to cut costs is with your automobile insurance. Driving without insurance is dangerous and in many states it’s illegal. Here are several reasons why you shouldn’t ever drive without car insurance.

Steep Fines

Getting pulled over by the police and caught without driver’s insurance would be disastrous. Depending on the state, you could get socked with very steep fines and may even have your vehicle impounded. If you’re a repeat offender who hasn’t learned his lesson, you could even spend time behind bars.

Possible Lawsuits

If you’re driving an uninsured automobile and you cause an accident, you’ll get sued for damages. You’ll end up having to pay for all costs and medical expenses out of your own pocket. Instead of risking sure financial devastation, find out about auto insurance Merritt Island FL and protect yourself, your car and other drivers.

License Suspension

Along with fines and lawsuits, some states will also suspend your license and registration. Now you’re stuck without a way to get to work, run errands or do anything that requires a car. If you decide to drive anyway, getting caught will result in jail time.

High Rates in the Future

As if fines and a suspension aren’t bad enough, it’ll be almost impossible to get a good rate on car insurance in the future. This would end up costing you more than it ever would if you’d never dropped your coverage. By maintaining insurance and paying every month, you’ll see your rate go down.

When watching your expenses, there are many things you can cut, but car insurance isn’t one of them. It protects you and others from damage, prevents fines and keeps your license in good standing.

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