Only 177 PhDs in entrepreneurship awarded since 2000 in India

The study reveals that the most preferred areas of PhD research was “women entrepreneurship.”

Merely 177 PhDs in entrepreneurship awarded in last 16 years

Merely 177 PhDs in entrepreneurship awarded in last 16 years

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In a bid help business-savvy candidates to set up new businesses, as well as how to teach these skills to others, government of India in the past initiated Doctorate of Philosophy programmes in entrepreneurship.

However, the recent study conducted in this regard shows some of the shocking data.

Objectives of the study:

  • To identify the nature and direction of entrepreneurship research in the last 16 years
  • To identify quantitative growth of entrepreneurship research as compared to social sciences
  • To know the contribution of universities in awarding of doctoral degrees in entrepreneurship
  • To find out state-wise, gender-wise and language-wise distribution of research in entrepreneurship

Highlights of the study:

  • This study was done across 740 recognised universities in the country out of which only 66 universities awarded PhDs in entrepreneurship
  • Despite government’s efforts, doctoral research in entrepreneurship is not picked by students in India
  • Till now, only 177 PhDs have been awarded in it compared to 20,271 in social sciences
  • This data shows the report of last 16 years

Not only this, the study revealed that the most preferred areas of research is “women entrepreneurship.”

As per reports, this study was conducted by Kavita Saxena, a faculty member of Gandhinagar-based Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India (EDII).

Details of candidates opting PhD:

  • Male researchers: 104
  • Female researchers: 73
  • PhDs done in English language: 167
  • PhDs done in Hindi: 10

Not only this, in state-wise comparison, universities in Maharashtra awarded the largest number of PhDs i.e. 25  followed by Karnataka with 18, Madhya Pradesh 15, and Andhra Pradesh and Telangana 12 each.

“Doctoral programmes in entrepreneurship can be promoted as a platform to connect researchers with startups which are keen on conducting market research for business opportunity identification, business plan preparation and other important areas of starting an enterprise,” the study said.