2 kids hold ‘Press Conference’ to speak about carrying heavy schoolbags

2 kids held a Press Conference just to tell the dilemma of carrying schoolbags

Even after CBSE, state governments or High Court giving orders to private and government schools, students still have to drag huge loads of books to school every day. Both junior and senior students are victims of this process.

After getting grudgingly tired of the school-bag load, the two school kids studying in class 7 in Vidya Niketan School, Nagpur recently organised a press conference to tell people and authorities how each day they struggle to carry a load of 5-7 kg on their shoulders daily to school.

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After learning that they want to hold a press conference, all the astonished media persons at the local press club walked in and expressed their desire to hold a conference on the daily hardships they face due to the burdensome bags.

Checks out what these 12-year-old boys had to say:

“We carry a minimum of 16 books for 8 subjects daily and sometimes their number increases to 18 or 20, depending upon the subjects for which the classes would be held for the day. Our school bags weigh between 5 and 7 kg and its exhausting to carry them to our classroom located on the third floor.”

“We had given applications to our principal to consider reducing the weight of school bags a couple of times but the same failed to evoke any response,” they added.

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Recent steps taken by various authorities in this regard:

  • The Bombay High Court (HC) recently came up with solutions to give some relief to the students who carry excessive load of books to school. All the school are to reduce the load of school bag in stages i.e. class-wise
  • Directions were given to school inspector and educational officer to visit all the school in regular intervals so as to keep a check on whether schools are following court orders or not
  • Also, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has urged teachers to discourage senior students from carrying heavy reference books, while books of students upto class 2 must be kept at the schools

Further, in some cases, parents help their kids by carrying their bags to the classroom, the duo added.

Asked if they were worried about facing disciplinary action, the two boys said their demands are “just” and that they did not anticipate any problem.