20 Cars From Video Games Built In Real Life

Who does not love video games? Name one person that has never played a video game in his or her entire lifetime. One cannot do that because everyone has played something on their computer or on a smartphone, at least once. Video games are addictive, that is true, but some people simply find them relaxing or see them as a fun way to end the day. There are a lot of types of games, from RTS (real time strategy) to adventure, shooters, combat, MMOs (Massively Multiplayer Online, simulations and the last, but not least racing. Almost all games involve vehicles and it seems that imagination can create wonders. In order to understand the last sentence, the reader should have a look at this list of amazing video game cars that one can actually touch in real life.

Who would have known in the past that the future can offer that much. Nowadays, almost anything is possible, from virtual reality to medical treatments that no one thought would exist at a point. However, creating perfect copies of the most loved vehicle characters from all those games has to mean something for all the fans out there. A guy has thought it would be nice to own a replica of a car from NFS because he enjoyed the game very much and he managed to create it eventually. The guys from West Coast Customs wanted to see the Mario Kart live and so they made it real.