20 Extremely Expensive Sports Cars People Modified…Badly

Most people will recognize a Ferrari or Lamborghini when it drives by, all exhaust rumble and exotic good looks, though they may not be able to differentiate between models or generations of the world’s most expensive cars. The realm of high-end sports cars and supercars has exploded over the past two decades, as manufacturers have realized that the more a car costs and the fewer examples each special-edition is limited to, the more extremely rich people will want to buy it.

The result is a plethora of aggressive, insanely powerful, one-of-a-kind sports cars out on the streets—cars that even dedicated gearheads might struggle to identify. But then again, there are some buyers for whom even having cars that are super rare and valuable isn’t enough.

Enter the world of high-end modding, which can truly boggle the mind. The results aren’t always great, though. Keep scrolling for 20 extremely expensive sports cars that people modded absolutely terribly.

20Enzo Would Cry

Custom Ferrari Enzo Ugly
via Jalopnik

It takes a lot to name a car after an automotive legend as famous as Enzo Ferrari. By all accounts, however, the Ferrari Enzo lived up to its name, thanks to a bold exterior and a V12 engine mounted behind the driver’s seat. But the owner of this Enzo was even bolder, though the result of their modding project turned out downright hideous.

19Bedazzled Not Bedazzling

Ugly Bedazzled Porsche 356
via AutoGuide

All the people around this unfortunate Porsche 356 don’t seem to be smiling—if anything, their expressions seem to be somewhere between confused and offended. It takes a lot of courage to bedazzle a classic like a 356 and then throw on some enormous wheels that are the exact opposite of what’s known as being “period correct.”

18The Poor Babies

Widebody Maserati Gran Turismo
via Pinterest

For plenty of gearheads, the prospect of owning one of the world’s most expensive cars is a dream that’s also something of a nightmare. After all, keeping their poor babies in good shape, clean and ready to run, would become a round-the-clock job. But some owners just go out and buy cars like a Maserati GranTurismo Coupe just to destroy anything it might have had going for it.

17Make It More

McLaren Mercedes SLR Ugly Red Custom
via Top Gear

The wildest part about some of the world’s most expensive sports cars getting modded extensively is just how bad they end up looking. It takes established brands like Ferrari, McLaren, and Mercedes-Benz countless iterations to find a design they like. But then modders get their hands on supercars like the Mercedes-McLaren SLR above and just bolt on the first thing that comes to mind.

16The Purrari

via Ducati Forum

This absurd custom Ferrari comes courtesy of the electronic music DJ Deadmau5. He had the car wrapped in a design that’s a tribute to the Nyan Cat meme—and it’s not even his only Nyan Cat car! But Ferrari executives clearly didn’t like the car and thought it wasn’t quite on-brand, so they sent Deadmau5 a cease-and-desist letter in real life.

15Slammed Ferrari

Slammed Ferrari At Gas Station
via Speedhunters

The fad known as Stance Nation usually keeps itself to cheap imports and commuter cars that no one really cares to see absolutely ruined. But this poor Ferrari 348 got the wrong end of the treatment, so now it rides even lower than stock over enormous, gaudy wheels that sit at ridiculous camber settings, making the driver probably paranoid to even leave this gas station.


Ferrari 328 Slammed
via Drive

Restomod projects typically start with classic Detroit muscle as the platform for builds, though it can be argued that this Ferrari 328 GTS has been subjected to a combination between a restomod and stancing. The result is a car that looks like someone was practicing their Photoshop skills, not something that could ever take to the track or some canyon twisties.

13Tastelessly Tarted Up

via AutoEvolution

This rust-wrapped BMW i8 belongs to Austin Mahone, who had the car modded so that it would stop looking like a sweet, futuristic vision of how the next generation of sports cars might be. But what’s the point of dropping north of $150,000 on a car, only to turn it into something so silly that even valets won’t want to be seen in it?

12Tack-On Tacky

Ugly Body Kit Ferrari Modded
via 6speedonline

Ferrari’s cars leave the factory with exotic exteriors, powerful engines, performance suspension systems, and sumptuous interiors. Clearly, some people have more money than sense, though, as evidenced by cars like this poor Ferrari 458, which has received bolt-on fender flares and wheels way too big for its britches, not to mention an unfortunate shade of bright blue paint.

11Supremely Disappointing

Ugly Supreme Lamborghini Custom
via Reddit

Supreme as a brand isn’t all about subtlety—or really, anything other than putting Supreme logos and stickers on anything in sight. This Lamborghini, though, is probably the most valuable thing that’s ever been subjected to wearing a Supreme logo, though the whole thing gets confused with gold wheels and Louis Vuitton patterns, as well.

10Must Belong To Paris

Pink Carrera GT Custom Ugly
via Reddit

The Porsche Carrera GT has earned an unfair reputation ever since Paul Walker met his untimely end in the passenger seat of one. But the Carrera GT remains one of the best cars ever built, with a gorgeous design to match the performance of its V10 engine and carbon-fiber construction. This custom pink one, though, has been ruined beyond belief.

9The Gall

Ugly Porsche 959 Custom
via Pinterest

Some of the extremely expensive sports cars on this list have been rare, exotic, amazing vehicles that most people would give an arm and a leg to drive, much less own. But few can claim the same level of historical significance as a Porsche 959. The fact that anyone would modify a 959 as badly as the one pictured above is just galling, to say the least.

8Why So Wide?

Ugly RWB Porsche 993 Widebody
via Flickr

Plenty of tuners and modders start working on their cars to improve performance, with aesthetic changes coming as a secondary result of those efforts. But there are also lots of modders out there who only go for the looks, with maybe a few more horses in mind only to improve the exhaust note. This 993-generation Porsche just looks silly with all its bolt-on flares and aero bits, no matter how fast it might go.

7Not So Super

Ugly Widebody 2020 Toyota Supra
via Speedhunters

The new Toyota Supra might not be the most expensive car on the market—and certainly given its impressive performance—but it’s not particularly cheap either. There’s a good chance that this custom Supra, with its ugly body kit, over-the-top wheels, enormous exhaust, and presumable engine mods to match, ramped up above six figures pretty quickly, though.

6Definitely Belongs To Paris

Paris Hilton Bentley Continental GT Pink
via Pinterest

The guys at West Coast Customs have been responsible for some pretty dubious custom builds over the years, though it’s always hard to tell whether that’s the fault of celebrities or the crew themselves. This Bentley Continental GT, though, seems like it was probably the brainchild of Paris Hilton, since pink doesn’t really go with the typical WCC aesthetic.

5Fake Nails On Chalkboard

Nicki Minaj Ugly Pink Lamborghini Aventador
via Pinterest

Everyone who gets matte wraps on their cars should know that most people who see them get the feeling of nails on a chalkboard. But few could be worse than this customized Lamborghini Aventador, which belongs to Nicki Minaj and now sports a Pepto-Bismol-inspired color scheme of matte pink over ugly pink wheels.

4Blurred Vision

Ugly Custom Bugatti
via YouTube

The Bugatti Veyron is one of the most insane vehicles ever made, from its quad-turbocharged W16 engine to its opulent interior and purpose-driven exterior. The Veyron was once the fastest car in the world, though it never went fast enough to escape the looks of the hideous wrap this one has received, which looks like a mix between a Rorschach test and television static.

3Florida Man

via WrapChannel

It takes a special kind of maniac to think that what a Bugatti Veyron really needs, what will make it really stand out from the crowd more than it already does, is a fully gold wrap job and gold wheels. All the people in the crowd here probably know that this car belongs to the rapper Flo Rida, though crimes of passion like this are more typical of the Florida Man social media spoof accounts.


Guaczilla Nissan GT-R Custom
via videoblogsterpro

Some mod jobs just look like they’re the result of someone’s bad sense of taste, while others seem to point towards a good sense of humor. The fact that this modded Nissan GT-R has been nicknamed “Guaczilla” hopefully means that the latter applies in this case, regardless of how ugly the car actually turned out.

1Testarossa-F40 Mashup

Koenig Modded Ferrari Testarossa
via Pinterest

This remains one of the weirdest modded cars ever built. Sure, plenty of kit car versions of the legendary Ferrari F40 have emerged from dank garages and dirty backyards over the years, but not many began with an actual Ferrari as the basis. But this F40 tribute does, in fact, have a Testarossa under all the ugly body panels—no matter how much the front eng looks like a 1990s-era Nissan or Mitsubishi.