For $2,185, you can travel Game of Thrones’ Seven Kingdoms

HBO’s hit Game of Thrones is mainly shot in Europe, around world heritage sites, major tourist attractions, and small towns. That sounds like a European PR travel company’s fever dream. Travel comparison site has assembled an itinerary for fans of the show to fly to sites from all seven kingdoms of Westeros (Calgary, where showrunners shot some minor scenes with dire wolves; and Los Angeles, the site of the season 3 scene with Brienne and the bear, were excluded from the itinerary). The whole trip will take three days and nine hours in the air, excluding day-trip car rides to get to more obscure filming locations. Local lodging isn’t included, just travel costs, which come to about $2,185, assuming people nab tickets in August. (Prices fluctuate depending on the season.)

Although there’s no organized tour of all of the countries — Liligo’s calculations are based on a la carte shopping for flights and bookings — many of these locations have recognized the financial opportunity and set up local Game of Thrones-related tours.

Minor spoilers for Game of Thrones seasons 16 ahead.

Assuming you start off in New York (sorry, non-New Yorkers), flying to Barcelona, will cost $366 and take 7.5 hours. It will cost another $80 in bus fares to see three different Spanish cities, and varying dollar amounts in car rentals to reach smaller towns including Cáceres‎, which is a five-hour car ride. On the list: Seville, where Dorne scenes were shot, and the Bardenas Reales and Spanish Badlands, which make up the Dothraki sea.

Alcázar of Sevilla as the water gardens of Dorne.

The next step involves flying to Morocco for $86, to see the fictional Slaver’s Bay cities that Daenerys freed, including Astapor, Pentos, and Yunkai.

Essaouira as Astapor and King’s Landing.

From Morocco, getting to Malta costs $380. Much of season 1 was filmed there, and it stands in for some parts of King’s Landing.

Azure Window as Gozo, the venue for Daenerys and Drogo’s wedding in Season 1.
Azure Window as Gozo, the venue for Daenerys and Drogo’s wedding in season 1.

Hopping from Malta to southern Croatia, another country featured in several King’s Landing landscapes, will cost $148, and a flight from there to the Split peninsula is another $209. There, you can see the Church of Saint Ignatius, where Cersei’s walk of shame from season 6 was shot.

Dubrovnik as King’s Landing.

Getting back to where most of Game of Thrones actors hail from, you can fly from Croatia to Edinburgh, Scotland for $235 to see parts of Winterfell. A much shorter flight to Belfast, Ireland costs $45, and you can see much of Westeros here, including the King’s Road and House Greyjoy’s castle ruins.

Dark Hedges as Kingsroad.

Lastly, visit Reykjavik, Iceland for $182 to see the lands beyond the Wall, including one magical cave, where Jon enjoyed a tryst with Ygritte. (See the top image.) From Iceland, you can return back to New York for $250.