3 Ways To Prevent You From Losing Your Keys

It happens to everyone. One moment your keys are in your hand and the next moment your keys are nowhere to be found. Whether you left your keys at a restaurant or lock them in your car, losing your keys can be stressful. Here are 3 tips to help prevent you from losing your keys.

Have a Replacement

The most important thing you should do when you have keys is to make a replacement. Creating a key replacement will give you the confidence to know that you still can get into your car or home. Give the replacement key to someone you trust and tell them to keep it in a safe place. That way, if you ever are locked out of your home or car all you have to do is give that person a call and get your space key.

Create a Specific Space

A common reason keys are lost is because there is no specific place for you to put them when they are not in use. By placing a bowl or hook by the door, you can ensure your keys are always in the proper place. This will also save you time looking for your keys before you leave your home. Once you are out of the house, you can create a specific spot in your purse or pocket for your keys. Sew a hook onto your pocket or purse and clip your keys in every time you leave the house.

Get a Smart Lock

The easiest, but most expensive way to avoid losing your key is to buy a smart lock. These locks don’t require a key at all. You can lock your building using an app and use a pin pad rather than a physical key. You can also change the codes as often as needed from the convenience of your phone.

Losing keys is not common, but it does happen. If you lose your key do not panic. Call your insurance and they can help you find a locksmith.

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