Signs You Need Transmission Replacement

3 Signs You Need Transmission Replacement - All Around Auto Care Inc

Just like any other part of your vehicle, detecting a problem early can help you save money and prevent more serious damage to your car. It is up to you to know the signs of transmission trouble, which will ensure you visit an auto repair shop as soon as possible. Keep reading to learn the signs of transmission trouble.

Unable to Switch Gears

If your vehicle struggles or refuses to change gears, then you are probably dealing with a transmission problem. Low transmission fluid or the wrong type of fluid can be to blame in these situations. If you don’t deal with this problem right away, the only option may be transmission replacements Gallup NM.

Burning Odor

If you notice a burning smell coming from your vehicle, get to a repair shop immediately. Sometimes, the smell is a sign your transmission is beginning to overheat. Another issue may be that the transmission fluid is old and has begun to burn.

Neutral Noises

Strange sounds coming from your car when it is in neutral is a sign of transmission issues. In the best situation, the noises may be an indication that you need new transmission oil. However, it may also mean that your vehicle requires installing an expensive replacement part because of excessive mechanical wear.

Slipping Gears

This is not only alarming and scary; if your gears begin to slip out of place while you are going down the road, the situation is also extremely dangerous. If your gears are slipping, be sure you have a mechanic inspect and find the issue present.

If you notice any of the problems above, it is a good idea to get your vehicle to an auto shop immediately. This is going to help you find the problem and ensure it is addressed. If you don’t do this, and the situation is not handled and fixed, it will only get worse and cost even more to repair down the road.

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