4 Main Sources For Car Loans

The most common way to pay for a vehicle is through auto financing. However, financing sources differ, and it is up to you to choose what works in your favor. Here are a few sources of loan you can opt for to finance your vehicle.


The most popular source for loans is banks. Around 40% of car buyers go through banks to purchase a car. Each bank comes with its interest rates since they calculate risks in different ways. Occasionally, you may find some banks offering special rates on car loans to attract new customers. Therefore, as new Kia Santa Ana recommends, try several banks before settling on a lender.

Credit Unions

These are finance groups owned and managed by the members. One of the major advantages of credit unions is that they provide loans to their members at reasonable rates. If you are not a credit union member, you can visit one and see the terms offered and how long it will take for you to get a loan.


While dealerships will not give you a loan directly, they can arrange financing for you at a certain fee. Most car dealers have built a relationship with different financing institutions to help anyone in need of auto financing. You can get some reasonable rates through dealers but also be open to looking into other financial institutions.

Family Members

At times, it might be challenging to get a loan through financing institutions necessitating the need to look somewhere else for a loan. Ask some of your family members who you think may have the kind of money you need. However, it is best to draw up an agreement with them stating the terms of the loan repayments. This prevents any disagreements that can breed a strained relationship.

When looking into auto financing, always read all the details keenly. If there is a term you hardly understand, ask the lender for clarification. This will save you from any hidden fees and rates you did not expect.

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