Alternatives to Parking Your Sports Car at the Airport

Your sports car is a prized possession. You have spent considerable effort and expense in buying it and taking care of it. The last thing you want to do is pay money to leave it unattended at the airport while you’re on a trip. Leave your special vehicle and your worries at home and consider these alternatives to airport parking.

Phone a Friend

Getting a friend or family member to drop you off or pick you up will likely be your cheapest option. If a ride to the airport isn’t exactly free, you may be able to pay by returning the favor. Being dropped off or picked up directly will save you the time and effort of walking to and from a parking space with luggage in tow.

Using a Car Service

A car service can be a great alternative. Depending on your distance to the terminal and the length of your trip, this may be a very affordable option. Rideshare companies such as Uber and Lyft may have drivers in your area that can quickly accommodate travel requests. Taxi companies usually offer services at most airports. Other car services provide a range of choices for ground transportation. Imagine taking stylish and luxurious transportation from Hobby Airport to Galveston. Even if you don’t see any cost savings, the lack of stress from parking and traveling to and from the terminal may be worth it.

Get on the Bus

You may live in an area with great public transit, such as buses or trains that take you directly to your preferred departure location. Public transportation is often an inexpensive alternative to airport parking. Depending on the time and day of your flight, you may be only slightly inconvenienced by a local bus or train schedule.

Owning a sports car usually comes with special care and attention to its maintenance. The idea of leaving it in a public place for several days where it may be exposed, damaged or even stolen can be particularly worrisome. Set your mind at ease by considering these airport parking alternatives.

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