CES 2017: Volkswagen gives America view of I.D at Vegas

CES 2017: Volkswagen gives America view of I.D at Vegas

Volkswagen has embarked on the road to building a new image for itself in the United States by showcasing its new I.D electric hatchback at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show. This is their first major future model to be showcased in the U.S post the Dieselgate scandal as well as their intended pathway of offering a full electric car range within the next 5-7 years.

Given that Volkswagen has made a name for itself with hatchbacks, it only seemed logical to make their first new electric model a hatchback. Underpinned by a new MEB electric platform which like its IC engined siblings is modular and will underpin a variety of models from across the VW stable.

This car sports the lines that have defined the modern VW design. Noticeable elements include the head lamps, wheels, design of the roofline as well as the design of the tail lamps. The cabin is minimalistic and roomy thanks to the need to not have a large engine compartment. The driver gets a large digital instrument cluster while we believe that for the passengers there will be floating displayed built into the seats.

It will be front wheel drive and have a range of around 400kms at the time of the launch which with the progress of technology will expand to 600km giving it the equivalent range of a small family car by today’s engine performance standards. One of the selling points of these cars is expected to be the autonomous driving technology that is expected to take more prominence closer to the launch of the car. It will make its debut (in production form) in 2020 spawning a new era for the German automaker.

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