Elon Musk To Launch Tesla Pickup At 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show?

The Tesla pickup is one of the most interesting vehicles that Elon Musk’s company is coming up with. Even without an actual vehicle to show, enthusiasm for the utility vehicle is already off the roof, even overshooting the Ford F-150 in a Twitter poll.

But even today, the Tesla pickup remains a mystery to many, with only a vague teaser to show what the new vehicle could look like. This teaser has been used by several concept designers who created some pretty spectacular designs that pay homage to Musk’s vision of the vehicle having this “cyberpunk” vibe.

This includes the design from Reddit user u/greenfruit that showcased a concept that aligns quite nicely with Tesla’s design direction. The sketch is described to be “cab-forward,” meaning the main cab takes up most of the vehicle with a significantly smaller bed at the back. The bed, however, looks exactly like what Musk teased during the Model Y reveal. Even “Star Wars” artist Alex Jaeger also came up with a futuristic design using the teaser image.

Speculating on what the pickup could look like may not be for long, however, as Musk recently tweeted that the Tesla pickup could make its official appearance in two to three months. According to a report, if the company sticks to the time frame then there’s a big possibility that the pickup will be revealed during the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.

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The event is set for the last week of November, which pretty much covers the time period set by Musk. And since California is practically Tesla’s headquarters (with factories in Fremont and Palo Alto), then it makes a lot of sense to hold a big reveal during this time. On a side note, however, Tesla hasn’t exactly participated in major auto shows.

Aside from the “cyberpunk” description from Musk, the Tesla truck is also expected to retail at $50,000 or less and excel in towing capacity compared to other combustion trucks that are available on the market today. In fact, the Tesla pickup is expected to tow approximately 300,000 pounds of load, which is quite impressive although the EV Ford F-150 has been shown to be capable of towing 1.25 million pounds in a teaser video.

When the Tesla pickup finally makes an appearance, one thing is for sure — it’s going to be one of the most exciting EVs in the months to come.

Tesla pickup on a Tesla truckTesla pickup on a Tesla truck Photo: Tesla Inc.