When to Get Professional Vehicle AC Repair

Whether your vehicle AC is not feeling as cool as it used to, or it’s stopped working altogether, getting professional, expert repairs help you maintain a comfortable interior environment. Below are a few times it’s wise to consult with automotive AC specialists.

The AC No Longer Keeps You Cool

If you begin to notice that you still sweat, even with your vehicle AC running full-tilt, you may need a recharge in the coolant. Small leaks or breakdown of the chemicals can cause you to slowly lose the cooling effect.

You Hear Unusual Noises

Any abnormal squealing, banging, or thumping noises under the hood when operating the AC is a sign that you need a professional technician to have a look. Take your vehicle in to have the AC system inspected at the first sign of troubling sounds.

The Fan Rattles and Quits Working Periodically

The blower motor and fan are integral parts of delivering the cooled air to the interior of your vehicle. A rattling fan can be the signs you need a repair or replacement. If the fan quits periodically, you might have a failure of the blower motor on the horizon.

The AC Quits Working

One of the more obvious signs you need AC service is when the air conditioning stops working. It could be caused by something as simple as a loose wire. An auto AC specialist can track down and fix the problem quickly.

It’s Been More than Five Years Since Your Last Check-Up

Although the AC system on a typical vehicle doesn’t need an annual check-up, you should try and have it looked at every five-years, or so. You may find that it needs a little shot of coolant help to run at optimal levels. Choose the ac shop Arlington WA vehicle owners rely on to stay cool all summer long.

Getting your AC system serviced right away is important to keeping all of the components safe from damage.

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