This GMC Sports Car Will Make You Tear Your Eyes Out

With the help of good rendering artists, we’ve been able to see glimpses of what the Pontiac Firebird would look like if it were built today. Some aftermarket companies have even built their own modern interpretations of the Firebird using a Chevy Camaro body as a base – the Firebird, after all, did share a platform and components with the Camaro.

We’ve enjoyed the renderings and custom Firebirds because they are at least based on a vehicle from history. But we weren’t as impressed by a recent rendering by Aksyonov Nikita, which shows what a GMC sports car could potentially look like.

We aren’t saying the rendering itself is bad, far from it. We just don’t think GMC should ever dabble in building a sports car. The rendering clearly uses a Camaro convertible as its base, sprinkled with some design cues from the recently-revealed 2020 GMC Acadia. Seeing front bumper and taillight designs from an SUV on a Camaro is extremely awkward, even more awkward than the Silverado-inspired front end on the 2019 Camaro that just received an emergency facelift for 2020.

To top it all off, the rendering includes aftermarket gold wheels, which combined with the yellow paint, really bring out a tacky vibe. And although this is supposed to be a sports car, this GMC convertible appears to have the plastic body cladding found on the Acadia, as if to make it appear more rugged. Perhaps if the rendering included a lift kit with chunky off-road tires, it would look more acceptable. As it sits, we’re sure the rendering will anger Camaro and GMC truck fans alike.