Hyderabad witnesses 30 Per cent rise in luxury car sales during the festive season

Hyderabad witnesses 30 Per cent rise in luxury car sales during the festive seasonThe auspicious festival, Diwali is a time when most individuals and families decide on driving home a new car. The automakers generally do expect to see a positive growth in sales numbers, however this year, Hyderabad has witnessed a 30 per cent rise in luxury sales as against the same period last year. Reports indicate that though cars priced around Rs 1 crore or higher are selling in limited numbers, the cars priced between Rs 50 lakh to Rs 70 lakh are major contributors to success story.

The numbers are certainly impressive for a city like Hyderabad which stands fourth after other leading luxury car selling cities like Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru. Reports indicate that most customers have asked for deliveries on Dhanteras, a day before Diwali, if not on Diwali day. The rise in sales is also attributed to easy financing options and convenient EMIs which has made such premium cars more affordable to buyers. The report also indicates that most of the buyers are between the age group of 22 to 35 years.

In terms of numbers, around 350 to 400 units of luxury cars have already been taken home this festive season and more might be sold this week thereby raising the numbers further. In the mid and lower segment, automakers have reported around 15 – 20 per cent growth as compared to last year. Other major cities have also seen a positive growth in terms of sales in the country.