In the US sports car Toyota Supra sell for 0 dollars

В США спорткар Toyota Supra продают за 0 долларов

Corresponding to the lot presented on the online auction site Copart. Toyota Supra located in California, namely in San Jose. Initial rate model — $ 0, and this is due to the fact that sports car was the victim of a fire and almost completely burned out, so to restore it is not possible. All that remains is the skeleton, as well as the engine, which is also badly burned. A new instance of the model cost more than 61 thousand dollars. She had motor BMW B58 3.0 liter, capable of generating 340 HP at 495 Nm of torque. The transmission was represented by the automatic transmission of eight speeds.

In the vast Copart often appear unusual lots. For example, not long ago they sold damaged by fire Ferrari F355 Spider, released in 1999. She even found a buyer, although the transaction amount is unknown.

source: thetimeshub