Inertia Kinetik Is One Man’s Take On The Sports Car Of Tomorrow

If the future is a place where open-top sports cars such as this Inertia Kinetik concept roam free, then sign us up. It’s low, it’s aggressive-looking and highly aerodynamic, not to mention high-tech.

Designed by Guillaume Garcia, the Kinetik was actually inspired by an old wing mirror design from Formula 1. Garcia claims that his idea came after seeing how Red Bull Racing integrated the side mirrors using an aerodynamic pillar on the side pods.

From F1 to passenger car

By taking a similar approach with the Kinetik, the designer was able to create an innovative camera mirror design, resting on each side like a pair of forearms, seamlessly blending in with a similarly-drawn element running across the profile and rear end.

Other notable visual traits include the wraparound headlight graphics, large wheels, gigantic rear diffuser, and of course the open top element that sort of makes this more of a leisure sports car, rather than a 24/7 one, but that’s perfectly fine.

We can also see inside the cockpit, where we spot a three-spoke steering wheel, multiple displays and a layout of Silverstone on top of the dashboard and on the center console display. Interestingly, there’s a registered lap time there of 1 minute 23.59 seconds, which is actually quicker than Lewis Hamilton’srecord pole time of 1:25.89 set last year during qualifying.

Last but not least, we have the side panels, which as you can see, are able to project images, sort of like an out-of-control screensaver – which is still pretty cool.

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