Mercedes-Benz Is Giving Away a Car via a Mobile Game During the Super Bowl

Image result for Car GamesOver the years, the presence that mobile games have had during the Super Bowl has been growing at an alarming pace. Instead of supporting web sites that cover their mobile games, top-tier developers would rather spend untold millions for mere seconds of airtime during the biggest football game of the year. Mercedes-Benz is the latest company to throw their hat into that particular ring, with a new mobile game that they’re inviting people to play in order to win a Mercedes AMG C43, a car that’d normally set you back a cool $55,900.


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It’s not super clear right now just how you play the game, if it’s going to be a web game or something you have to download, but they’re encouraging people to keep an eye on their site at where you’ll be able to register to play on February 4th. Basically, the idea behind it is the game is a digital version of the often controversial contest run by car dealerships where the last person touching a car wins it. This is a little easier, as you can keep your finger on the car while doing things like… using the bathroom.

I’m super curious of the logistics behind all of this, as if the internet has taught me anything it’s that whenever there’s video games and high-value prizes in the mix the lengths people will go to cheat the system will blow everyone’s minds. Hopefully Mercedes Benz has that all figured out and this contest is more than just a battle of who can make the best bot to emulate having their finger on the car for eternity.

Either way, add it to your mental to do list for Super Bowl Sunday, as who knows, you might just walk away with a car because of a post you read on TouchArcade. (Hopefully that happens.)