Mercedes Is Set To Restore The SL To Its Iconic Sports Car Status

Although it’s been a while since the Mercedes-Benz SL went against its namesake, Sports Leicht, the seventh generation of this grand German marque is now being revamped once again as a sports car, and will soon share the center stage along with the Mercedes AMG GT. The transition back to the sports convertible from its current grand tourer character is one of the most awaited news for loyal Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts.

In an interview with Autocar, Gordon Wagener, Chief of Mercedes-Benz design department confirmed, “For me, the most beautiful SL is the original, the 300. And, I think we’ve taken some of that DNA, starting with the proportions, the surface treatment, things like that. In that respect, the new SL is probably the closest to the first one ever.”

Wagener further confirmed that the SL will not replicate any kind of retro styling, instead opting for a more contemporary look that perfectly blends with the brand’s current design tastes by doing away with the power-retractable hard top for a sturdy soft top. The 2022 model SL will be a huge step up than it’s predecessors in terms of better handling and performance while still maintaining a sense of luxury.

It is expected for the Mercedes-Benz SL 2022 to give some of its convertible counterparts like the Lexus LC or the BMW 8 series a run for the money. While engine specification and power terrain details of the revamped SL are still under wraps, it will feature some of the most powerful engine specifications; like the turbo charged 3.0 liter in-line six in the entry level SL450, making this two-door four-seater convertible one of the most fuel efficient models among the SL series. Currently, the Mercedes-Benz CL450 is the only model among its fleet that boasts of a similar specification, delivering a strong 362 horse power.

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One can certainly expect a wide range of development in engine features which will accentuate its sporty appeal such as the EQ Boost Hybrid Technology 3.0 liter straight six-engine, or a V8 4.0 liter twin turbo engine, capable of delivery over 800 horsepower and 735 pounds of torque. Recent spy shots have revealed that the seventh generation SL will however still carry some design DNA of its predecessors such as the cab-back design and long hood.

The revamped SL series will feature the new updated MBUX infotainment system along with the ‘Hey, Mercedes’ virtual assistant which will be able to understand simple conversational language like your Google Assistant or Apple’s Siri. The dashboard will boast of a touch-sensitive infotainment display and digital gauge cluster, compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Tech, and an onboard Wi-Fi  hotspot connectivity.

“The GT is more of a race car, and the SL is more of a sports car. You will clearly see the differences.” Wagener added.

While the sporty version of the SL is expected for release by the end of 2021 or early 2022, fans of this German marque will have to patiently await its arrival until then.

source: thethings