Oregon auto accident attorney

Every time you step inside a car, you are taking a calculated risk. There’s no question that being inside a car carries with it a certain number of risks, but our society has made a tacit agreement that getting where we want independently in a car is worth the level of risk we assume. This is why drivers are required to carry auto insurance, so that there is a resource available to cover the costs if a person is injured in an accident.

The Risks Involved in Driving

It’s important to realize that driving in a car does have a high level of risk. Statistics show that there are 6 million auto accidents annually in the US, and 40,000 of those result in fatalities. All of this is why it’s so important to pay attention to basic safety precautions, like wearing a seat belt, every time you get inside a car. Car accidents can be highly traumatic, and accidents that cause injury are extremely traumatic.

For drivers in Oregon, having a reputable Oregon auto accident attorney you can count on is the key to coming through an accident intact. The fact is there are many areas in which a driver can be legally exposed after an accident, from personal liability even up to claims against your employer or your car’s manufacturer. An experienced attorney will be able to help you navigate the complexity of the legal system after an accident, and offer you a path to the most reasonable settlement possible. The laws regarding accidents are highly complex, and trying to deal with insurance companies after an accident is a very difficult process.

So, if you’ve suffered the trauma of being in an accident, be smart and hire on an experienced car accident attorney to represent you and your case.

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