Save Money Owning a Car in a Major City

Owning a car in a major city like Los Angeles is almost a requirement. The suburbs are spread so far apart that it would take hours to use public transportation just to get from home to work or to a restaurant for dinner with friends. Owning a vehicle in a big city though can cost you more money than you ever expected though because insurers charge higher policy rates and parking is so hard to find. You can actually use some helpful tips though to save money and still drive your car.

Insurance Discounts

Insurers base rates on factors like where you live, your driving record/history, the age of your car and your marital status. Getting married at a younger age will almost instantly drop your rates, but you can also drive a car that has more safety features on it to save. Look for discounts too like one for safe drivers who have not had an accident in the last six to 12 months and discounts for students. You can also bundle the policies that you have for your home or other things with your auto policy to save.

Change Parking Spots

Parking in some cities is at such a premium that you actually need to buy your own parking spot. Spots in cities like Boston sell for the same amount that a whole house would in another city. An easy way to save is with a spot in a garage that offers monthly or weekly discounts. These garages charge you one rate that lets you park every day for an extended period of time for less than it would cost to pay for each day. You can also look for an automated car parking garage in your city. These garages charge less because they have larger spaces that can fit more cars.

Carpool With Others

Depending on the size of your city, you might consider signing up for a carpool. Carpools allow two or more drivers to ride in the same vehicle. You can alternate which days that you drive to save on wear and tear on your car as well as on fuel. Carpooling is great for getting to work or school every day with people who live near you. With carpooling, changing where you park and looking for insurance discounts, you can save money while living and driving in a major city.