Why You Should Wrap Birthday and Christmas Presents for Loved Ones

If you were to check your calendar, how many birthdays do you need to buy for? How many gifts are you grabbing for loved ones next Christmas? And, out of those, how many are you wrapping? You might be surprised to learn that not everyone wraps Christmas and birthday gifts. But there are definitely reasons why you should.

Make the Extra Effort

When you wrap a gift, you are going the extra mile and making the extra effort to build excitement and make someone smile. It’s the glow in their face, the flush in their cheeks, and the dimples of their anticipatory grin that matter the most. It’s a nicer thought on your part to wrap a present because it means you care about the reaction of the person unwrapping the gift.

Show You Care with a Little Oomph of Presentation

Presentation is everything in some cases, but with gifts, it adds a little something fun and extra to an already awesome thought. The right wrapping paper can make someone smile, laugh, or feel giddy with excitement. Throw in sparkles and glitter for kids, and you have a twinkling Christmas or birthday gift that brings good vibes all around.

Give Them Something to Be Excited About

Unwrapping gifts is all about the anticipation of what waits for you inside. What will you discover underneath the bright paper? Is it something sweet and sentimental? Practical and useful? Is it something you’ve always wanted? You never know, which adds to the excitement of birthdays and Christmastime.

Hit on the Nostalgia of Opening Gifts

When you were a kid, the best part of a birthday or Christmas was finding a bundle of presents, beautifully wrapped, just for you. As a toddler or younger kid, you would rip the paper to shreds in giddy excitement. But, as you got older, you learned to relish the anticipation, and your unwrapping got slower to stretch out the excitement of getting something new. This is the kind of nostalgia that comes with opening gifts. It’s what some of your best childhood memories are made of.

Wrapping birthday and Christmas gifts gives the recipient something nice and nostalgic to look forward to. You never know whose day you will make with the perfect paper, wrapped around the perfect present. So, in essence, you should absolutely invest as much time in choosing wrapping paper as you do in choosing a great gift. Side note: Understandably, some things, like clunky equipment for boat maintenance, are hard to wrap, so you should forego this advice when you simply can’t wrap your gift.