Toyota Copen GR Sport is a quirky sports car for Japan only

Toyota Copen GR Sport is a quirky sports car for Japan only

Toyota has rolled out a new sports car for the Japanese market that is called the Copen GR Sport. The small car is a two-seat convertible sports car that meets the minivehicle standards in Japan. It is the first car in the “GR” series that was developed by Toyota Gazoo Racing. The ride is an OEM car that is manufactured by Daihatsu using the knowledge gained in the Toyota Gazoo Racing motorsports activity.

The development of the car focused a lot on body rigidity and suspension tuning. The car has lots of bracing underneath and has a highly optimized suspension for handling and performance. The car has electric power steering that is tuned just for the application.

Development focused on aerodynamics with a front bumper that has air outlets. The overall design of the car is meant to emphasize a low center of gravity and wide, low styling. Inside the little two-seater are Recaro seats and a triple meter display with a larger central dash screen. The car will be offered in eight body colors, and all use the same black interior.

The car is a hardtop convertible, and the open and close action is electrified. Toyota fits the Copen GR Sport with BBS forged-aluminum wheels in a matte gray color, and the car has LED headlights and exterior lighting. The little car is front-wheel drive and has a 660cc KF engine with an intercooler turbo.

Transmission options include a 5-speed manual or a CVT with 7-speed Super Active Shift+. Pricing in Japan for the manual version is 2,435,000 yen or a bit over $22,000. There are several customization parts, including front spoilers, side skirts, and trunk spoilers.