Uber Self Driving Taxi Kills Pedestrian In A Road Accident In USA

A self-driving Uber car hit a pedestrian in Tempe, Arizona in USA which has resulted in the person dying after succumbing to her injuries at a local hospital. This could be the first incident of an autonomous car collision, which caused the death of a person. An autonomous Volvo XC90 hit a female pedestrian at a crosswalk near Mill Avenue and Curry road. The exact circumstances of the crash are not known yet. According to a report in the New York Times, there was a safety driver behind the steering wheel of the Volvo XC90. As of now, Uber has paused all of its self-driving fleet off the roads across USA in cities such as San Francisco, Toronto, Pittsburgh and other cities.

The CEO of the company Dara Khosrowshi also tweeted his condolences to the family of the deceased. Last year, a self-driven Uber SUV, another Volvo XC90, was involved in a crash where the SUV stood on its side. Investigations by the police revealed that the other involved car did not yield and hence caused the crash. At that time, Uber, taking a precautionary measure pulled its autonomous fleet from the roads.