Verizon’s LG G5 and V10 receive new software updates

Verizon's LG G5 and V10 receive new software updates

Today Verizon has started pushing out new software updates for both the LG G5 and the V10. These are rolling out to the handsets over-the-air, so if you own either one expect to get an update notification within the next few days (as OTA rollouts are usually staged).

With the new VS98713A software version, Verizon’s LG G5 finally gets an option to show an app drawer in its built-in launcher. This has sorely been missed by some people who like app drawers and for some reason aren’t aware that there are plenty of launchers in the Play Store providing this functionality.

So if you want to see an app drawer as part of LG’s launcher, just go to Settings > Home screen and choose “Home with app drawer”. Additionally, G5 owners will now see a USB selection screen like the one portrayed in the image to the left whenever they connect a cable to the phone. The LG Health app has also been improved with the addition of customizable exercise modes, and a change to its dashboard.

The LG V10’s update arrives as software version VS99023A, and it’s a smaller affair, bringing with it the new USB selection screen – identical to the one for the G5 (again, see the image in this article). Finally, it’s also supposed to have some unnamed improvements to Wi-Fi Calling functionality built-in.
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