20 Foreign Sports Cars People Found Covered In Dust

Most of us would love to own a sports car. We’ve dreamt about it since we were young, and we had pictures of those cars on our bedroom walls. It’s like we would’ve done almost anything to have them.

For people who are wealthy and love cars, some of them take sports cars for granted. It seems that they have so much money that they don’t mind leaving their sports cars to gather dust. Some of the sports car owners abandoned their vehicles altogether. It might be difficult to believe, but it’s true. We found pictures of sports cars that were covered in dust.

20Rolls-Royce Corniche

via Reddit

Production for this magnificent car started in 1966. It’s safe to say that you would get a lot of money for it if you owned one and wanted to sell it since it’s so difficult to find them. The owner of this one left it behind for so long that it’s completely covered in dust. Hard to believe.

19Lamborghini Diablo

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Although Lamborghini has produced magnificent models such as Gallardo and Aventador, there was something special about the Diablo. It was such a popular model that most Lamborghini fans would prefer it over new models such as Huracan and Urus. Diablo is timeless.

18Ferrari 365 GTB Daytona

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The official designation for this car was Ferrari GTB/4, but Daytona sounds a lot better. Considering that the car was produced from 1968 until 1973, this classic would reach high numbers at an auction. One Daytona owner didn’t mind parking it and let it gather dust. So unfortunate.

17BMW M1

via Motor Authority

When was the last time you saw a BMW M1 that was produced in 1982? The owner of this one left it behind in a garage like it was another item that he would never use again. There is so much dust on this car that it looks like it’s been there for a while. It’s a pity that this classic has been left behind.

16Ferrari 275 GTB

via My Autoworld

What’s really sad about this garage is that this 1966 Ferrari 275 GTB isn’t the only classic sitting around without any use. This whole garage looks like one big mess. Classics such as this 275 GTB are extremely rare, and its owners should do everything possible to look after it.

15Lamborghini Miura

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Back in 1966, Lamborghini started producing one of its rarest models: Miura. The car was so exclusive that Lamborghini produced 764 units. Can you imagine how much the owner of this car would get if he sold it to a Lamborghini collector? Instead of being appreciated, the Miura is neglected.

14Aston Martin DB2/4

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James Bond would’ve been disappointed to see such a classic Aston Martin left behind. A 1955 model was listed on Hemmings for $495,000. This car is an absolute stunner. It has class and sophistication combined into it, as well as performance. The blue exterior makes this car even better.

13Ferrari Dino 246 GTS

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It seems that some supercar owners have such an abundance of vehicles that they don’t mind neglecting a car such as a Ferarri Dino 246 GTS. These cars are so rare that one would think the owner would do everything to preserve it to make a lot of money from it. I guess not.

12Porsche 911 3.0

via Barn Finds

This isn’t just any Porsche; it’s a 1977 Porsche 911 Carrera 3.0. Considering that Porsche has made 911 since 1963 and kept it in production since, this 1977 is a prized possession. It’s not often that you’d see this beauty on the road.  This one doesn’t look like it’s in good condition.

11Lamborghini Diablo SE30

via Dreco TV Extreme

We’ve already featured an abandoned Diablo, but this one is even more special. It’s a Diablo SE30. A standard Diablo is difficult to find these days, but the SE30 even more so. How much does one cost if you can even find it? According to Hagerty, a 1966 model went for $726,609.

10Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta

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This is quite sad to see. Ferrari 166 MM Barchetta is such a rare vehicle that you’d expect the owner to treasure it, not leave it in the middle of nowhere. It seems that the owner of this special vehicle thought differently. Who would’ve thought that you would see this masterpiece out in a desert?

9Aston Martin DB7

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The DB series is very special to Aston Martin. The British automaker has brought out several great models in that series, but there was something special about the DB7. It’s super sleek and one of the DB models that will remain timeless. Such an awesome car.

8Ferrari F40

via Motoring Box

When Ferrari reached its 40th anniversary, the Italian automaker wanted to celebrate the occasion with a special car. The result was the F40. The car looks absolutely spectacular, and the car’s 2.9-liter twin-turbocharged engine enables the car to reach a top speed of 201 mph, according to Top Speed.

7Aston Martin Lagonda

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The cars on this list just keep getting more spectacular. If you thought that the Aston Martin DB2/4 was rare, then feast your eyes on a Lagonda. Although Aston Martin produced this car between 1974 and 1990, the automaker produced only 645 models. Try finding one.

6Ferrari Enzo

via Froyonation

Talk about rare. Here’s a car that Ferrari produced to celebrate its 60th anniversary. The automaker produced the car from 2002 until 2004. During that period, Ferarri made only 400 models. One of them was on sale for $3 million. Here’s another one abandoned in the UAE.

5Mercedes SLR McLaren

via Pro Driver

When Mercedes and McLaren formed a partnership to produce a performance car, the two automakers ended up with a vehicle called the Mercedes SLR McLaren. Well, the car was fantastic. Not only did it look spectacular, but it also provided great performance. Here’s one tucked behind a van.

4Maserati Bora

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Maserati has produced several great models, but one of its rarest was the Bora. The production of the Bora lasted from 1971 until 1978. During that period, Maserati made only 289 examples. That is rare. Here is one in a desert, completely wrecked. It’s sad to see.

3Bugatti Type 57S

via Revolution Watch

If you thought that Chiron or Veyron was rare, then you’d be surprised to discover a 1937 Bugatti. One was discovered in a garage, covered in dust. This is a Bugatti Type 57S. Only 710 examples came onto the market in the mid-’30s until the ’40s. Extremely rare, yet it’s abandoned.

2Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4

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After Lamborghini stopped producing the Gallardo, the Italian automaker had to succeed it with something spectacular. The Gallardo was its best-selling model, but Lamborghini is hoping to top it with the Huracan. This isn’t just any Huracan; it’s an LP610-4. It needs a good scrub, and it will look new.

1Ferrari F50

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When Ferrari reached its 50th year, the automaker wanted to celebrate the half-century milestone with a special vehicle. It did just that with the F50. During the three-year production, Ferrari produced only 349 examples. The car’s engine could pump out 512 horsepower.