BlackBerry Priv’s Camera, Launcher and Keyboard get a round of improvements

BlackBerry has rolled updates to several key apps for the Priv, now available on the Google Play Store. Camera, Launcher and Keyboard have been improved, with new features and refinements making their way to BlackBerry’s first Android-running smartphone.

Camera has been graced with a slow motion video recording mode, which shoots at 120fps, and plays back at 30fps, so you’re getting 1/4x speed videos. BlackBerry doesn’t state the resolution, but it’s likely 720p.

Launcher now gets Recent, Personal and Work views, as well as other minor tweaks like shortcut removal with a flick and grayed out app icons when you remove the microSD card the app has been installed on. Keyboard has seen improvements in prediction where it can now learn words and numbers, as well as sift through emails and social messages to better understand its user.

You can view the complete list of updates in the links to the Play Store below, but only those with a Priv can actually reap the benefits.
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